Model Requirement – Sitemap

This week, let’s be familiar with Sitemap – another type of Stakeholder Requirement. Different from all previous types (Entity Relationship Diagram, Workflow, State Transition Diagram, Permission Matrix, Use Case Diagram), this Sitemap is not very popularly known or is underestimated. It might be the reason of its absence in many functional specification.

The first question is: What is Sitemap?

From my point of view, Sitemap is a visualization of all capabilities inside a system. It is helpful for users to easily navigate through the site.

Is Sitemap essential?

Sitemap to a system is similar to Table of Content to a book. It depicts capabilities of a system in a sequence along with their own structure. On the other hand, Sitemap breaks down all capabilities of a system into many functional areas.


(Rahul Doshi. 2016. [Online]. [Accessed 17 June 2017]. Available from:

Hence, Sitemap is also a kind of business capability. It’s also easy to see the Functional Decomposition technique is an effective method of drawing a Sitemap. Therefore, let’s examine a Sitemap from Functional Decomposition perspective.

  • Decomposition Objectives of a Sitemap belongs to “Measuring and Managing” type – or “to isolate specific manageable factors that contribute to the overall result, or to identify important metrics and indicators.” Clearly, Sitemap starts with Homepage of a system as Level 1, then break down by modules before further details drilling down.
  • Subjects of Decomposition of Sitemap is Business Outcome, as system capability should be considered as one type of Business Outcome.
  • Level of Decomposition: technically, all capabilities of the system must be captured in Sitemap, thus, the Sitemap will dig up as detailed as possible. Or we may say there is no actual limit of the number of levels of decomposition for a Sitemap. However, more than 4 levels of decomposition might cause a Sitemap quite complicated and difficult to read, while its original purpose is to help facilitate the acquisition process of user about system capability.
  • Represent of Decomposition Results of a Sitemap can be a Tree diagrams or Component diagram. The image above can be easily seen as a Tree diagram of a Sitemap.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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