Overview of Requirement Elicitation and Collaboration

Requirement Elicitation is also popularly known as Requirement Gathering. The difference between two terms Elicitation and Gathering is that Elicitation implies the collection process involves many difficulties, while Gathering does not (so from my point of view, Elicitation is a bit more accurate!). Moreover, Elicitation requires the interaction between BA and stakeholders, or Communication in… Continue reading Overview of Requirement Elicitation and Collaboration

Model Requirement – Good User Story

In the previous post, we are already familiar with User Story – what it is, how it is created, and so on. However, it’s still a very long way until a good User Story is reached. Recall that both User Stories and Use Cases are requirement representatives. Also, recollect that to ensure requirement is stated… Continue reading Model Requirement – Good User Story

Model Requirement – User Stories

To recall from the previous post Model Requirement – Use Case, while Use Case is typically used in Waterfall project with predictive requirement approach, User Story normally exists in Agile projects with adaptive requirement approach. As a matter of fact, it’s not necessary for an Agile project to use User Story as representation of requirement… Continue reading Model Requirement – User Stories

Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria

First of all, Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria is a technique that is used widely in Business Analysis at all levels of a project. As easily implied from its name, this technique comprises 2 parts: Acceptance Criteria and Evaluation Criteria. According to BABOK version 3, Acceptance Criteria are used to define the requirements, outcomes, or conditions… Continue reading Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria

Validate Requirement

Just to recall previous posts, after requirement is elicited, no matter it’s confirmed or not, it can be specified and modelled. At this moment in time, there are two actions need to be done separately: Verify Requirement and Validate Requirement. Recollect the purpose of Verify Requirement is to ensure requirement is stated correctly. Validate Requirement,… Continue reading Validate Requirement