Model Requirement – Sitemap

This week, let’s be familiar with Sitemap – another type of Stakeholder Requirement. Different from all previous types (Entity Relationship Diagram, Workflow, State Transition Diagram, Permission Matrix, Use Case Diagram), this Sitemap is not very popularly known or is underestimated. It might be the reason of its absence in many functional specification. The first question… Continue reading Model Requirement – Sitemap

Model Requirement – Use Case Diagram

This week, let’s continue with another type of Stakeholder requirement – Use Case diagram. In previous posts, Use Case diagram is introduced as to depict which actor can perform which actions (or so-call use cases) and the relationships between those actions. According to UML standard notion of Use Case diagram, the best way to think of… Continue reading Model Requirement – Use Case Diagram

Model Requirement – State Transition Diagram

This week, let’s get to know the next type of Stakeholder requirement – State Transition diagram. Recall from previous posts, State Transition diagram shows change in all possible states of an entity. It belongs to Data and Information modelling category, and is drawn using State Modelling technique. Following UML standard, State Transition diagram is also known… Continue reading Model Requirement – State Transition Diagram

Model Requirement – Workflow Diagram

This week, let’s get familiar with another type of Stakeholder Requirement – Work flow Diagram. It’s a sequence flow of work such as review or approval process. Recall that the technique we will use to draw a Work flow is Process Modelling. According to BABOK version 3, there are many types of Process Models and… Continue reading Model Requirement – Workflow Diagram

Model Requirement – Entity Relationship Diagram

In the previous posts, we were already familiar with Permission Matrix. This week, I’d like to write about another kind of Stakeholder Requirement – Entity Relationship Diagram – which shows relationships between Actors and Objects within the system. To draw this diagram, recall that we mention to Data Modelling technique. This diagram is Logical Data… Continue reading Model Requirement – Entity Relationship Diagram

Specify and Model Requirement – Business and Stakeholder Requirement

In the previous post “Requirement Classification Schema – How to create a SRS template”,  we already know components of a SRS Template. In this post, we’ll cater for details of the first 2 classifications of requirement: Business Requirement and Stakeholder Requirement. With Business Requirement, as it’s just overview of the system, and the main audience is end… Continue reading Specify and Model Requirement – Business and Stakeholder Requirement